Im just a simple trans that you that you can see here, but i can make you smile, happy and naughty as well. I do work here to support all my expenses

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SweetCutieBabyGirl spricht: EnglischTagalog (Filipino)

I’m just a typical person, trying to live life at its fullest. A simple person who loves and enjoys the simple things in life, I do what millions of people do everyday. I’m thoughtful and loving. I am a sweet person and I love surprises! I am the sort of person that when i find the one i love i am true to them, even if some time there is dout, i am a very loving person if i am shown love in return, i like friends close to me , i dont like lies, i want to know what i am told is the truth , I am exceptionally romantic in different ways. I like the idea of watching the sunset with my special someone (i hope i can find the special someone). I am very transparent. Anyone will surely be able to trace the sadness in my eyes or the joy that fills my heart. I am very sympathetic to others in need. I am appreciative and I always thank the people who have shown me great compassion in a way that they will never forget. I love giving and sharing. Making other people happy gives me so much glee. I treasure friendship. I love to share laughter with my friends and with everyone else dear to me. I love flowers, baby talks and “sweet nothings” (things which some people find irritating haha). I can easily be pleased. A piece of candy, some good news or a short love note can make my day. I totally hate liars and I am very frank that is why as much as possible, I always aim to tell the truth even if it is sometimes hard. I believe that I have a good heart but don’t ever dare abuese me! I can be “bitchy” when provoked ! Hehehe

Alter: 31 Jahre
Geschlecht: Transsexuell
Sprachen: Englisch, Tagalog (Filipino),
Haarfarbe: schwarz
Haarlänge: lang
Augenfarbe: schwarz
Größe: 172 cm
Gewicht: 0 kg
Nationalität: Philippinen
Ausrichtung: transsexuell
Figur: normal
Hautfarbe: weiss
Sternzeichen: Steinbock
Intimrasur: teilrasiert
Piercings: Zunge
Hobbies: Watching netflix, playing volleyball, playing games app